Closed Joint-Stock Holding Aviamash is a company registered in the Russian Federation in 2000 year and is the successor of the Corporation Aviamash, part of the Ministry of Aviation Industry of the USSR.

The main activities of the company involve aviation and space technology.

19, Lev Tolstoi str., St. Petersburg,
Russia, 197 101
tel.: +7 (812) 2344189
fax: +7 (812) 927 1791

The company Aviamash develops high technology products such as the following:

 light, medium and heavy weapons
 combat vehicles
  military tanks
 military boats and ships
 helicopters – Ka, Mi
 aircrafts – Su, MiG, An, IL, Tu, Yak and M
 aerial appliances and equipment
 robotic lines for high-tech production
 еlectro dynamics engines

Main areas of activities

  delivery of all types of Russian production arms, ammunition and equipment
  delivery of all types of Russian production fighting vehicles, tanks, military boats and ships
  delivery of all types of Russian production helicopters for military and dual-use
  delivery of all types of Russian production aircraft for military and dual-use
  overhaul and partial repair of all types of helicopters, airplanes and engines for them
  delivery of spare parts for fighting Russian production vehicles, tanks, airplanes, helicopters, boats and military ships
•  construction and equipment of robotic lines for high-tech manufacturing
  training of crews of fighting vehicles and tanks, pilots of aircraft and helicopters and experts for their maintenance